March 01, 2016

Wheels, Wedges, Brothels For Bar Flies? A Solution

Wheels, Wedges, Brothels for Bar Flies? A Solution | Überbartools™

For years the bane of bartenders and managers has been securing seasonal fruit at good prices for garnishing.

Secondary to these issues, prep time, wastage/spoilage, with each impacting on costs and ultimately bar profitability.

Devices to help preserve and protect fruit such as limes, oranges, lemons, apples, pineapples from turning rancid have dotted the landscape with pretty mixed results.

Bottom line – lots of expensive fruit thrown away!

Within this mix, we see the pesky bar fly, attracted to sweet smelling fruit, using wheels and wedges as cabanas to host their other air borne friends!

More and smarter bars are turning to dehydrated fruit as the solution for their problems, purchasing dehydrators, then capitalising on sourcing cheap, seasonal fruit for the coming year.

Dried fruit for cocktail cuts waste, spoilage and arising hygiene issues.

If you’re over fresh fruit, give dehydrated alternatives a go at a fraction of the cost!