September 13, 2015

What's in your Drink?

What's in Your Drink? | Überbartools™

Most of us are guilty of flipping a bottle, can or packet  to check  the content label  for the sugar, fat and preservatives contained therein.

Many of us understand: we are what we eat; therefore cant the same be said about the things we drink too: such as spirits, wine and sparkling (SWS)?

Soft drinks and most beers routinely display nutritional information on content labels, strangely though (SWS) do not!

In a quickly changing world what would happen when consumers demand the same level of nutritional compliance on SWS.

Spirits in particular are renowned for using generic marketing descriptors to evoke some form of emotional connection via history and processes to differentiate against competing offers.

In the US there’ve been famous court cases started by consumer activists over “misleading claims” made by Distillers concerning what the terms “handmade” and/or “ hand crafted” really mean?
Is it only a matter of time before consumers ask far more vexing questions moving beyond “authenticity”, to demand total transparency on the contents of the liquids they drink?

We suspect this prospect may be lurking around the corner, if so, there’ll be tremendous changes on the way SWS are packaged, advertised and marketed.
Further down the track what would happen when bars, clubs and pubs are required to list on cocktail menus, calories, sugar, fat, preservatives on every drink served?
Are you prepared?