February 03, 2016

War Weeds and Whoa ...behind the bar!

War Weeds and Whoa ...Behind the Bar! | Überbartools™

Ever consider how some of the language used by bartenders to describe the “action” behind the bar relates to War?

Expressions such as: I’m Deep in the Trenches, Knee Deep or In the Weeds... are some of the more colourful metaphors used to caricature the unrelenting pressure meted out by thirsty customers demanding drinks.

The Military is renowned for taking undisciplined “rabble," and transforming them into well-oiled fighting machines!

So could military style thinking be applied behind the bar, effectively?

We say, why not!

Imagine the potential impact on accuracy, consistency, improved drink execution (sorry no pun intended), as well as reduced wastage - with every cocktail becoming part of a carefully designed strategy designed to make well-made drinks, to win customer loyalty!

Consider this: if shots of alcohol were the equivalent of ammunition, wouldn’t bartenders think more carefully about how they’d pull a “trigger” (pour a shot) or where they’d “aim a bottle” just to save ammo!

In this new universe poorly made bar products would also disappear from behind the bar, as no successful Army deliberately provides their troops with the worst weapons, and then expected them to win!

So yes.. the bar is a kind of battlefield, stop the whoa!

What do you think?