August 11, 2014

Über's Top 12 Checklist

Über's Top 12 Checklist

Here’s Über’s TOP 12 bullet proof questions to anchor your due diligence or checklist when evaluating any new product and service which is promised or expected to assist, power, control, transform and run your business!

Too often it’s the failure to ask the right questions, leaving you over-promised and under delivered, ultimately creating frustration and disappointment! Apply these tests, ask these questions you’ll never go wrong! 

1. Function

  • What problem(s) are we looking to solve – will the product/solution solve this or create other problems which I didn’t know we had.
  • What will this product/service do that we could not do before and why is that important/valuable/necessary?

2. Ease of Use or Comfort

  • Is this product easy to use, hold, implement?
  • Is it practical for the job/problem being solved?
  • Do my body parts feel sore from using it ( if it’s a product)?
  • Will it make the job easier?

3. Quality

  • Can l get a free trial/money back guarantee?
  • Is this a product that will last?
  • Have quality materials been used, is there a quality guarantee?
  • Are there instructions?
  • Are there on-line a training tools?
  • Is there after sales care for warranty/service issues?
  • What peace of mind options are there?

4. Aesthetic

  • Does this suit me/the business?
  • Does it look good?
  • Does it fit in?

5. Accuracy

  • Will this offer better/greater/best/excellent operational control/efficiency?
  • Will this impact positively on quality of outcomes?
  • Will this help consistency?
  • Will this improve customer experiences?
  • Will the business be better off as a result?

6. Cost or Value

  • What’s the upfront and/or on-going cost?
  • Will it save time, money, labour, effort?

7. Payback Period

  • If this is a labour or money saving product/service what’s the payback time – 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year?

8. Unintended Consequences

  • What’s the Time to integrate/train/familiarise?
  • Do you need to buy/use something else to be able to effectively use?
  • Does it take more time to use/get ROI?
  • Upsets customers/reduces consistency, quality expectations

9 . Environmental Impact

  • Is this product green, made of sustainable materials?
  • If this is a product is it recyclable?

10. Trend and Suitability

  • Is this suitable for the business style, customers, staff – or is this a short term trend i.e. the equivalent of wearing sandals and socks? (sorry no offence).

11. Expectation

  • What are your expectation on performance, impact on ops, does it drive, push, increase, reduce, assist?
  • Does it do what you want, need – been promised?

12. Testimonials 

    • Which places are using this successfully, have they provided testimonials/social proof etc.?
    • Do I know or am I familiar with the referees – are they people/business that command industry/peer respect?

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