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Bars and Pubs pride themselves on pouring a perfect pint of Guinness!
To deliver the promise Guinness provides its bars the equipment and training to guarantee the Guinness promised is delivered .
The question to ask: “Why does Guinness do this?”
The answer:
The experience: Guinness makes a promise on quality and taste, which consumers gladly invest in to enjoy the experience of Ireland in a glass
Consistency: Consumers know that the experience will be the same at every place serving Guinness on tap.

Value for money: Quality, consistency, and experience in a glass represents value; something consumers will happily pay for. Whilst many competitive beer brands offer a product, almost none can replicate the Guinness experience; thereby Guinness owns the hearts, minds and imaginations of successive generations of loyal followers!

Guinness understands that irrespective of where their beer is served and by whom… It will always taste the same, and therein lies the promise delivered.
Regrettably, we cannot say the same about spirits served in a bar, as the tools required to deliver the promise are inaccurate and inconsistent.
Research shows that inconsistently prepared drinks creates category swap, the process where guests turn to a more predictable drink option bypassing spirits to bottle alternatives requiring either a corked or popped option. Either way spirits loose out.

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July 20, 2017

Same principal has worked for years with Stella Artois and the “sabering” after the pour. Also gives the brand a mystique.

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