November 06, 2014

The Parody of Serving vs Skill

The Parody of Serving vs Skill | Überbartools™

It’s ironic that some bars place greater emphasis on expensive baubles to serve wine and beer in versus providing quality bar tools for bartenders to make cocktails with.

Maybe this is the reason: pouring beer or wine into a glass requires a little skill... however if a bar wants to underpin a high asking price, presenting beer or wine in expensive serve ware adds value; creating some magic in the process!

Serve Wine and Beer in Versus Providing Quality Bar Tools

Conversely bar tools provided to a bartender tends to be cheap, inaccurate, poorly made… making the bartender’s skill even more critical to crafting a successful cocktail.

Bars tend to invest in bartenders for their knowledge, skill and salesmanship… these attributes become the public hero in a cocktails crafting whereas the hidden knight are the tools used to guarantee the cocktail’s outcome?

When a bars goals is to make, serve and sell more than one high margin cocktail to each guest... it makes business sense to invest in the right tools to help the bartender get the job done; keeping the guest happy, thirsty and spending!

What do you think?

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