March 27, 2020

The New Roaring Twenties

New Roaring Twenties | Überbartools™

History's the best teacher when making sense of crazy times.

It's just over 100 years since the world was gripped by our first modern pandemic known as The Spanish Flu (Influenza).

500 million people infected, 50 million reportedly died.

Thanks to the will power, grit and determination of our grand and great grandparents we're here today.

These people stood up, marched forward, creating a golden age; one that ushered in unprecedented technical, medical and social innovation.

We know this period as the Roaring Twenties.

Think jazz, cocktails, large scale production of cars, telephones, radio, electrical appliances, Art Deco, The Charleston, Penicillin and so much more, things today we take for granted.

Roaring Twenties | Überbartools™

As we sit in “splendid isolation” wondering what the future holds, countless millions of curious minds are creating a new reality, the one we collectively dream and yearn for, a period of history we'll look back on, calling it the New Roaring Twenties.

Michael Silvers