The Last Straw - the long and the short of it

October 21, 2019

In the race to reduce carbon foot print, eco straws such as the ones above from Stroh are making a huge difference in reducing our use of plastics in bars.


At just AUD$0.05-$0.06(US$0.03-$0.04) a straw, don’t we get a nice buzz knowing we’re saving the environment from plastic waste, and that’s the long of it!

Photo courtesy of 21cm

Wheat Stem Drinking Straw - box of 500 Regular price = AUD$29.50 (USD$17.95)

On the other hand the short of it, the metal speed pourers above may not be doing your bar or its bottom line any favours, to the contrary they’re harmful to the environment and hugely damaging to bar profits.

Prone to excessive breakage and costly replacement, these speed pourers may be cheap at first to buy, however things change when they’re replaced daily, weekly or monthly.

Whilst tens of millions of these things aren’t noticeable in landfills, their quality and construction make them very noticeable when creating excessive liquor over pouring and bottle neck cork leakage.
Liquor inventory control experts such as Barmetrix and Sculpture Hospitality claim most bars and pubs over pour/ waste up to 20% of every shot served.

To many operators this helps explain why there’s unexplained inventory losses appearing on POS reconciliations..
Imagine placing 3-12 eco-straws at AUD $0.05 or US $0.03 ea, in every cocktail, the equivalent in cost to over-pouring just 1 drink by 3-10mLs or 0.1 to 0.33 Oz... for those wanting to run a profitable bar, isn’t this potentially the last straw?

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