December 11, 2014

The Baristocracy - The Elite

Baristocracy Attract Guests | Überbartools™

There’s a pecking order in the Bar business... it’s manifests via the movers, shakers, followers, flaunters of our industry… these fine people are The Baristocracy… and we all know some from its ranks.

These people are at the very pointy end of the success pyramid: deliverers of innovation that changes, improves and inspires all of us deeply.

Members of The Baristocracy attract guests who then drink deeply from the “spring”” at these rare liquid oases.

Most of us appreciate that delivering exception daily and weekly requires enormous energy, passion and skill... yet, not all of us can do it!

In an awfully crowded marketplace... adoring eyes glaze hungrily at excellence; those that fall into this lair, often tend to self-expel excuses such as: “oh, we’re just as good as such and such” or "we’re so much better than so and so”!

Sadly, people motivated by professional jealousy can never cut the mustard or slice a metaphoric lime, as they’re destined to only sweep the floor after the dust from others success settles!

How can the innovators create highways that others can or will never overtake?

The Baristocracy never stops moving forward, it’s not in their nature to rest, as perfection requires motion, tinkering, tailoring and then re-toiling some more.

The message for all of us: for the guys at the top of the pyramid success is never completely owned; it’s loaned or leased temporarily, with rent paid daily!

The rent being: having the right attitude (ego removed), inordinate creativity, hard work and the biggie, self-made luck!

Pay your rent daily... and hopefully you’ll soon join the honour roll too!