October 17, 2016

Served Drinks Super Fast

Drinks produced super-fast produce more Dollars?


This refrain is one commonly heard in the US, from venues where bartenders are paid minimum or less wages, relying therefore on tips to make an adequate living.

On the other hand speed of service can be a critical barometer of success provided the finished product is always consistent, (the ability to reproduce the same drink identically every time).

Fast drinks are predicated on a number of considerations:

  1. Bartender skill/experience
  2. Quality and accuracy of tools required to make the drink.
  3. The number of drinks expected for a bartender to make per hour to maintain bar profitable.
  4. The style of bar.. night club versus style bar.

In the US it’s expected that drinks are served fast with scant regard to consistency and quality. It doesn’t always follow that the faster a drink is made and served the more profitable a bar will be.

Mostly without adequate training, tools and systems in place drinks made fast tend to over-pour alcohol.

We know it takes 1 second of alcohol pour time to dispense 10ml or 1/3oz of a shot of alcohol with a half a second (a blink of an eye) to dispense 5ml or 1/6oz.

Repeated on an industrial level, fastness usually means sloppiness which in turn quickly corrodes a bar’s profits.

Like anything that’s quality a due amount of time must be invested to create the desired outcome.

Anyone that thinks that fast served drinks increases profitability is too focused on either tips or fast cash in the till rather than watch what’s pooled and wasted on the bar counter tops or the floor!