Salsa and the 4 C's

October 16, 2019

Salsa and the 4 C's | Überbartools™
We all know the flavour and difference a zesty salsa makes to a meal.

Hot, textured, nuanced and delicious are some of the superlatives used to describe salsa.

Except not all SALSA leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth, particularly when we talk about hospitality personnel.

SALSA stands for:
Describe SALSA | Überbartools™

If there was a $ for every time an operator moaned about staff attrition rates, one could retire rich, right? The time invested, wasted and then re-invested to begin again and again is par for the course when staffing one’s business.

Some of the more obvious reasons why people leave are:
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Ironically, it’s common for good staff to leave and bad ones to stick like dirt. If you’re in the unfortunate camp where you’re regularly losing good staff, consider a terrific Überbartools™ ninja technique for hiring the right staff straight up, rather than making distasteful discoveries down the track.

We call the technique the 4 C’s:
We call the technique the 4 C’s

Thinking about your new hires using the 4 C’s process will go a long way towards making the right hires more often than not.  

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