January 09, 2017

Mixologist: Conjurer, Entertainer, Story Teller, Expert...All Of The Above!

The rise of the Mixologist has been astonishing.

Whilst the term was first coined  to refer to a person mixing burger meat at a McDonald’s, the term now helps differentiate a main street bartender from their high street cousins.

The name bartender, as a generic descriptor, seems adequate, however does it really describe those that have scaled lofty liquid heights?
For those that have earned the title Mixologist, it’s fitting to see these people as part conjurer, entertainer, story teller, mixer and expert.
Ironically, attaching one's shingle to the Mixologist mast is not something one goes out to earn a piece of paper that says one is credentialed, nor is it awarded by a cabal of accredited individuals, rather it’s more a self-ascribed sobriquet that one hope to hell, as a guest, the self-appointed has truly achieved through years of hard work, education and experience.
Suffice to say Mixologists are people at the top of their game and are accorded such by industry peers.
For my money, when l want a cocktail delivered with style, panache, artistry, please give me a mixologist!