March 18, 2015

How serving steak creates KAPOW customer experiences

How Serving Steak Creates Kapow Customer Experiences

We’ve all eaten steak right?

What’s more obvious than serving steak to a guest… (of course steak being an allegory for any product or service) Well to be honest there’s a lot that can be learnt!

Check out a Landry’s Seafood restaurant in the US… see what their servers are trained to do.

Landry’s Seafood RestaurantHere’s the process… a steak, cooked your way is delivered... the server has one request … “please cut your steak NOW to confirm it’s been cooked the way you like it.”

Why? To ensure a customer receives exactly what they ordered. KAPOW! Instant customer feedback—satisfaction!

On occasion, if a steak is under or over-cooked, no need to call back the server to get action, it’s done on the spot, no customer frustration involved!

How easy is that! Making the customer feel heard, solving issues before they’re hijacked into problems.

Go to almost any other restaurant... a server returns to their guest after a meal is commenced, belatedly asking “is everything OK?”

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed by Überbartools™Pre-empting customer experiences by being attentive, anticipating questions or needs before they’re asked are the building blocks to create legendary customer experiences, whether you sell food, cocktails or even bar tools!