Finding Your Mojo in Uncertain Times

March 23, 2020

Finding Your Mojo in Uncertain Times | Überbartools™

Finding your Mojo in Uncertain Times

Working from home changes many things.

Some thoughts to consider over the weeks/months ahead to help stay positive, powerful, mentally strong.

Mental Health | Überbartools™

No matter what the near future holds being at home, protecting your family/friends provides the control to harness the future you want.

Here’s 15 thoughts to help find Your Mojo In Uncertain Times...

Here’s 15 thoughts to help find Your Mojo | Überbartools™

1. The power of daily rituals...get up at normal times…do some yoga or other exercise for 10-15 mins…plan each day in advance... No matter what the near future holds being at home, protects your family/friends, providing the control to harness the future you want.

Daily and Weekly Exercise  | Überbartools™

2. Plan your meals and needs daily/weekly

3. If you need to go to the shops do it very early in the morning... or of course buy on-line

Online Shopping | Überbartools™

4. Wash hands and exposed surfaces multiple times day

5. Is there an area in your life you wish to conquer or improve... if so list them... decide on those things that’ll provide momentum to make the
difference you seek.

6. To increase opportunities triple your reading

7. Studying something of value that makes life in the now/ future better be that cultural, business, self-improvement., history, whatever

8. Be the professor to your student

Self Improvement | Überbartools™

9. Skype, phone, face-time friends and family multiple times a day

Skype Face Timing | Überbartools™

10. It takes 30-60 days to start/create new habits, what a perfect time to START now

11. Try NOT to become addicted to Netflix, Amazon Prime etc (save that stuff for the

12. Stay up-to-date on the daily news from a source you trust
13. Stay curious, be grateful, helpful and thankful

14. Don’t take anyone or anything for granted
15. If living with others find a space you can go to each day to just be
with yourself

Cheers and Strength,
Michael Silvers

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