March 03, 2015

Esprit de Coeur

Esprit de Coeur | Überbartools™

We have a lot to be thankful to France for... most of which is exported!

In the realm of hospitality we’re indebted to France for 2 concepts: Mise en Place and Esprit de Corps.

Kitchen Set-UPS | Überbartools™Most hospitality workers are familiar with Mise en Place, “everything in its place” as a methodology for bar and kitchen set-ups so that the right tools, spacing, and products are within the right distance to the work performed.

Strong Regard for the Honour of the Group | Überbartools™Esprit de Corps is the common spirit existing in the members of a group inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honour of the group.

A newer concept that should be equally at home within the hospitality world, resting at the epicentre of the guest experience is what we call Esprit de Coeur.

Sitting at a new year’s degustation dinner waiting to bring in a new year... we were greeted by as many servers and specialists as there were courses to be had.

The cuisine was excellent, however depending on server, the energy level and enthusiasm of each person left a type of energy residue impacting the flavour of each course... noticeable increases in flavour seemed to occur when 2 staff in particular... the sommelier and one special server, were involved.

Whilst these two individuals acted separate to each... each had a natural enthusiasm, radiating from their hearts to their smiles, changing their body language as well as demeanour! There was the feeling that no amount of money could compensate these two pros for the total love of their craft and the guests they treat.

Being NYE what seemed even more remarkable, these two were not with their loved ones; making their enthusiasm extraordinary!

The natural desire of two hospitality professionals to radiate positivity, share knowledge, provide care without thinking… transformed a tremendous meal and occasion into a life changing experience.

So now let’s attempt at creating a definition for Esprit de Coeur...

It is a love affair of service and care emanating from an individual’s innermost desire is to help and serve others; transforming hospitality experiences into moments turned into occasion, irrespective of whether they are or not!

What do you think?