November 05, 2015

Enter-dining: How Cocktails and Lifestyle Merge

Enter-Dining: How Cocktails and Lifestyle Merge | Überbartools™

In the search for emotional as well as inter connected experiences, Millennials are increasingly making choices based on how they “feel” or make others feel.

Very much rooted in the less is more genre; consumers are now actively seeking options where quality, authenticity and provenance seamlessly live.

Helped by the myriad of cooking and lifestyle shows filling the air waves, educated consumers are changing their year round eating and drinking habits. This experience we call enter-dining.

Some of the arising consequences of this food and drink fest: food choices becoming healthier with accompanying beverage choices becoming more premium!

ProConsumers (the name given to the educated, experienced, serious minded home consumer), are investing in more expensive craft beers, wines and  spirits to improve dining experiences by better delineating between flavours, taste and context.

Degustation menus are being homed, with more consumers understanding that cocktails can be enjoyed as an individual solitary occasion as well as a perfect accompaniment to a series of courses, surpassing other more typical prepared bottled alternatives such as wine.

Stirred drinks such as Manhattan’s, Negroni’s and Martini’s together with a whole bunch of rediscovered classics are being taken from the bar and replicated at home.

The rise of bar cocktail culture with the knowledgeable bartender at its lead can be credited with the renaissance now seen where cocktails, lifestyle and entertaining experiences merge to provide for more memorable and enjoyable occasions!