December 16, 2015

Drinking the sugar bullet: Diabetes

Drinking the Sugar Bullet ...Diabetes | Überbartools™

The Western world has become it’s own victim, with increasing numbers of people suffering from lifestyle diseases such as Type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is triggered by substances such as sugar and carbohydrates which is converted in the body to sugar.

The ravages of diabetes is growing at such an alarming rate that more and more children (tomorrow’s liquor consumers) are also now registered as sufferers.

The question that the liquor industry at some time will need to address: if diabetes continues to grow exponentially as it’s now doing how will this impact future consumers and their drinking habits?  

When consumers start demanding lower sugar and carbs entire categories such as rum which is derived entirely from molasses and possibly liqueurs that contain very high levels of sugar could be negatively impacted.

Wine and beer as a category could also be affected as consumers look for bottled alternatives that will allow them to still enjoy a drink without any of the nasty health consequences that a disease such as diabetes brings.

We’re not trying to generate fear but rather re-focus manufacturers as well as owners of bars, clubs and restaurants to consider different drinking options that can safely be offered to a category of guests to enable them to continue to enjoy drinking experiences with their friends.

Any thoughts?