November 22, 2016



World liquor behemoth, Diageo, through its Bartender/Bar Owner outreach program - Bar Academy, is now promoting the importance of a consistent and accurate liquor serve.

The biggest surprise in the Bar Academy advocacy program is that finally: Diageo is recommending NO FREE POURING of alcohol.

For far too long the liquor industry has refused to see the relevance and importance of ensuring that alcohol, a key ingredient in every cocktail, is treated seriously with respect to the guest by serving the correct volume of alcohol, with no guessing.


At Über we believe that the 3 crucial elements to pouring a perfect serve pivots around:

1.    Cocktails must be memorable – to delight the guest
2.    It must be consistent: accurately measured and served to meet compliance standards.
3.    Must be profitably made to guarantee a long term sustainable business.

Any single element missing in a serve, the delivered result fails..

To many bartenders Free Pouring equates to skill and elegance, a prized commodity. Yet on another level this could be considered nothing more than ego.

Making cocktails is not about a bartender, ego or looks – it’s revolves about the guest – delivering a valued experience, gladly paid and hopefully re-ordered.

It has taken a big Company like Diageo to admit that free pouring alcohol is bad, ultimately reducing quality and profits.

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