March 25, 2016

Cocktail High: Alcoholic In-Flight Beverages

Cocktail High: Alcoholic In-Flight Beverages

The last bastion of the heavenly cocktail might be in the air or 30 000 feet (10 000 metres) up!

Whilst alcoholic in-flight beverages have been available for over 60 years, the drinks on offer are more mixed rather than a cocktail in the traditional sense!

The challenge with cocktails  is that weird things happen to taste and flavour when one’s so high up.

Predominately attributable to air pressure, this presents challenges that mixologists need to take into account when curating in-flight menus.

The business travellers are seeking better experiences and cocktails might just make a difference when selecting one carrier over another. 

So hands up for a martini or even a delicious Negroni, served by a capable bartender on board your flight! Sounds pretty good!