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Mix Up Your Menu With These Twists on Your Favourite Cocktails

June 25, 2018

Mix Up Your Menu With These Twists on Your Favourite Cocktails

Feeling a bit bored with your usual choice? Your go-to getting you down?

Well look no further! We have some twists on the classic cocktails to mix up your menu and make you smile. So why not try a twist today?

Classic Shaken Cocktail: The Martini

With a Twist: Lemon Butter Martini

OK, if we're going to split hairs here, then the super-traditional Martini recipes, dating back to the 1800s use gin mixed with vermouth. But, over time, the substitution of gin for vodka crept in. So, if you want to be pedantic, this is a twist on the classic shaken vodka martini, using 666 Autumn Butter Vodka and Ambra Limoncello for a rich and fruity flavour.


Classic Stirred Cocktail: Tom Collins

With a Twist: Sake Collins

The Collins is supposed to be refreshing. A long, usually sour drink, with a base spirit and a bit of fizz, which needs a gentle stir. The Tom Collins is another gin-based number. Here we've kept the lemon and fizz, but added Four Fox Saké and some fruitier flavours.

Classic Muddled Cocktail: The Cooler

With a Twist: Snow Pea & Cucumber Cooler

As with all muddled cocktails, the cooler has fresh fruit and herbs and a base spirit - often something tropical like rum. It's lengthened with soda and served in a tall glass. This twist is a gin version with muddled cucumber and snow peas - perfect for summer!

Classic Bitters Cocktail: The Old Fashioned

With a Twist: Apricot Old Fashioned

You can't talk about bitters without mentioning the classic Old Fashioned. It's one of the most famous whisky cocktails, mixed with sugar, a splash of water and of course, bitters. This twist sticks close to the classic, including apricot brandy to give it a new dimension.

Classic Ritual Serve: Moscow mule

With a Twist: Melbourne Mule

More recently rumoured to have been created to get rid of excess vodka and ginger beer stocks, this one is simple but effective. Our Melbourne Mule uses local flavours in the 666 Coffee Vodka and added Campari - serving it in the popular copper mug adds some ritual to the serve.

Classic Julep Cocktail: Mint Julep

With a Twist: Peach Tea Julep

Heralding from the southern United States, the mint julep unsurprisingly uses bourbon as its base spirit. We think this twist enhances it's southern roots, with the addition of Southern Comfort and peach tea flavours. Use our LuxSwizz to get the best mix and serve in the classic Juliep cup.

Need the tools to make these cocktails? Find your stockist here!

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