November 27, 2015

Can you really operate your own business? Maybe not...

Can you really operate your own business? Maybe not...

At some point, entrepreneurs will ask the big question: “can someone else run this business better than me?”

The entrepreneur wishing to be true to themselves and their stakeholders must regularly ask this question to ensure long term success.

Ironically friends, family and colleagues may never share the thought that at some point the knowledge and talent to run that business may not be there!

Transitioning from bartender to manager to owner takes giant leaps: each representing a learning curve requiring education, experience and brutal honesty.

Most passionate entrepreneurs find it difficult to recognize the right time to bring in the people with the experience needed to run their businesses.

Such moments are not failures but rather the time to take control; re-setting the trajectory towards continued success and ultimate fulfillment.

The day we start asking more questions than we have answers to it's probably the time to take a step back and leave it to someone else!

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