August 22, 2017




The Black Forest Old Fashioned cocktail is a variation on a traditional old fashioned cocktail comprising of spirits, sweetener, bitters and water. This drink contains connotations of the well-known Black Forest cake, with subtle flavours of dark cacao and cherry.

Australia's 666 Coffee vodka and two German spirits -  Monkey 47 Sloe gin and Jägermeister are used as the base of the cocktail. The coffee vodka gives it a dark and rich base, which is then accented by the bright berry freshness of the Sloe gin and the herbal sweetness of Jägermeister. After adding the aromatic bitters it is then garnished with grated dark chocolate, a fresh cherry and a sprig of rosemary.

The Black Forest Old Fashioned makes for a delicious and contemporary twist on a timeless cocktail with nods to the Black Forest in Germany as well as the well known and classic Black Forest cake.

The Überbartools™ Team


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