January 08, 2018

Apologies to our many friends in the US, with our choice of title.

Every bar cries out for experienced bar staff.

Experience of course comes at a price and in a global sellers’ market, the buyer, namely the bar must pay over the odds to acquire the required talent.

Seems fairly logical, right?

Now here’s the secret very few understand and even less share.

Most bars underinvest in quality bar tools to generate tangible business outcomes such as increasing drinks accuracy/consistency, reducing over-pouring and waste.

To compensate for poor, badly performing tools (as many bars do not see the value in higher quality, more precise tools), better and more expensive bar staff are needed to overcome the negative consequences of using poor quality, inaccurate and badly designed tools.

If this doesn’t make sense here’s another way of looking at it.

Let’s say a business is using antiquated software to run accounts, process wages, and evaluate sales. To overcome for the clunky, shortfall in software, more staff at a higher hourly rate are required to make sense of the arising mess..meaning higher staff costs and more time consumed to get the results required.

Whereas a different business owner investing in better software can minimise hiring the more experienced and expensive staff to run the show.

Usually craftsmen demand better tools to help do their job - not just to compensate for their inability to perform but rather to enhance the quality of their output.

Investment in better bar tools with on-going staff training is a more cost effective strategy to run a business. Hoping and praying that rock stars will dig you out of a hole is a very expensive band aid that costs way more than you think!


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