December 19, 2018

ICYMI - Our top blogs for the year, as voted for by you!

ICYMI - Our top blogs for the year, as voted for by you!

From condoms to consistency and bitters to budgets, we've talked about it all this year, and we've loved your feedback.

In case you missed it, here are our best blogs of 2018 and hopefully some inspiration to have you storming into the New Year!

First up: looking good

Spotting a critter in your drink, or worse, behind the bar crawling around in a bottle spout is gross. But staring at a bunch of bottle condoms isn't exactly appealing either… so how do you solve the problem?

Enter the snap-on! Why we need to say goodbye to bottle condoms right now

Better still: being good

A good bar delivers cocktails in good time, with no variation in volume, taste or appearance, and with minimal waste of ingredients – every time. If this sounds impossible then you might want to look at how your bar operates. When your closest competitor is two doors down the road, consistency could make or break your business. And when it comes to cocktails is your bar missing the key ingredient?

The importance of a good jigger

Backing it up: tip top tools

One way to really nail consistency is top notch tools that enable efficiently made cocktails and reduce your overall liquor wastage. Obviously we're going to talk about tools, but many of our customers also realise, it’s not just about speed and consistency when it comes to accuracy – it’s also about waste. 

We go back to basics with the importance of the right measuring tools: Getting jigger with it - the importance of a good jigger

Staying on trend: know the flavour movers and shakers

Craft cocktail insurgence has shaken (pun intended) the industry up. Staying on top of this and other trends is important, as well as knowing what what else is coming over the horizon. Bitters were back and causing a buzz for 2018.

You can learn more about bitters, what it is, why it’s still trending and how to incorporate it into your drinks menu on the blog: Bittersweet mixology and the importance of bitters behind the bar

Important maths for bartenders to know

Know your stuff: calculate cost, reduce waste and boost sales

Finally, like any good business, maths must always enter the equation somewhere! There are many things that equate to a profitably run bar – keeping stock audited; having an impactful bar design; efficient management; and pouring good drinks with speed and accuracy to name a few.

It can be hard to get your head around the numbers you do see, let alone those you don't, which is why we had an important maths lesson from behind the bar.

And that’s our year in review. We hope you’ve learnt something useful, reconsidered your business, or at the very least had a blast making cocktails with us along the way. Now, raise your glass to 2018 and here’s to smashing 2019!

Want to learn more about reducing liquor waste and increasing profits in the new year? Check out our free cost calculator.