March 27, 2017


The now classic comedy Ground Hog Day tells a story of a guy repeating the same day over and over again.

So is there a connection between the movie and our title, Bar Hog Day?

The answer’s a definite YES.

When a bar suffers the same re-occurring problem that no one does anything to solve then that’s a Bar Hog Day moment.

The Bar Hog Day moment is created from the enormous volume of over poured liquor caused by the use of cheap, badly designed speed pourers, inaccurate “jiggers" and inadequate bar operations procedures.

Barmetrix (, international beverage Inventory experts, claim in their worldwide studies of thousands of bars and restaurants, that 30% of EVERY shot of spirits served is poured away free.

In comparison to a non-hospitality, high street business, a 30% equivalent shrinkage rate would be all that’s needed to call in the receivers.

A bricks and mortar retailer by comparison allows 2% of overall gross sales to cover wastage/shrinkage, whilst in a bar shrinkage of 30% plus or 15 times higher by equivalent, is considered business as (un)usual.

Albert Einstein once famously observed that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over again; expecting a different result.

When a bar does nothing to solve the issue of liquor wastage then that’s a Bar Hog Day moment; and that’s INSANITY?