May 18, 2021

Baking, Physics and Thingamajigs: Why measuring is a must

Jiggers and measuring bar tools for cocktails

Imagine it’s your birthday and your friend bakes you a cake. It looks alright, but when you slice into it, the consistency is dry, the icing is all sloppy and it tastes like someone forgot to add the sugar. Disappointing, right?

Now what if that cake had been supplied by your local baker? You’d never order from them again, you’d tell all your friends how awful it tasted, and you’d probably ask for a refund.

While your friend might not be about to win The Great Australian Bake Off, you’d expect more from a baking business that should have the experience, tools and ingredients to make something professional.

For bakers, measuring is imperative when it comes to baking the perfect cake, and the requirements for a bartender to make great cocktails are just the same.

Consistency is key for cocktails

Consistently good cocktails can only be made when you’re as accurate as possible in your measurements. And the best way to do that is to use measurements in jigger.

The word ‘jigger’ is related to the American word thingamajig, both words basically meaning ‘object or device that has no other name.’”

Despite its vague name, the jigger is probably the most essential bar tool. Free-pouring or inaccurate measurements behind the bar spell trouble - not just from a cost and wastage perspective but also because it usually leads to a poorly made cocktail.

Sometimes, inaccuracies simply mean inconsistency in what you’re serving up, which means your poor customer doesn’t know whether they’re in for a delicious treat or a substandard beverage.

ProMegJig jigger and Juliep strainer with a cocktail


The wrong jigger could ruin a cocktail

So, using a bar tool like the jigger avoids those inaccuracies, right? Well, almost…

See, when it comes to the jigger, physics can cause some difficulties. Here comes the science part… when liquid is poured into standard round jiggers, it forms a little thing called a meniscus, which is the bubble that forms on top.

A bubble or lens for most bars is a fact of life affecting almost every design of jigger on the planet. Liquor control experts such as Barmetrix acknowledge that the bubble can add 3-5mL or 1/10-1/6oz on every 30 mL/1oz served.

Those few milliliters difference in each pour renders your cocktail recipe inaccurate. And provides an inconsistent experience for your customer.

The Überbartools™ range of bar jiggers are completely different and the only jiggers that do not create the meniscus – due to their unique and ergonomically designed trilobal shape.

The Wrong Jigger Could Ruin a Cocktail | Überbartools™

A different kind of jigger

The practical ProJig™, in a unique trilobal shape, has four different measurements so you can work with one single bar tool for various volumes usually done by different standard jigger measurement. And the stunning ProMegJig™ in copper or gold will knock the socks off anyone on the other side of the bar.

Both styles of our jiggers are unique, ergonomic and durable, and will be a welcome addition to your bartender tools set, plus they’ll make your cocktails tasty every time!

Different kinds of Jigger | Überbartools™

So remember, a jigger means accuracy and an Überbartools jigger means the most accurate measure in the world.