October 16, 2015

Airbnb your Bar Über Innovation: Space Flipping!

Airbnb Your Bar üBer Innovation: Space Flipping!
The sharing economy has spawned new ways of thinking about limited resources.

New examples: car sharing, private residences for rent, office sharing, private taxis… the list goes on and on!

Let’s pose the question: why not potentially share your existing business space with another business? Sound crazy?

Maybe not... we call it “Space Flipping”

Defined as a purpose-built space designed for dual concept occupancy co-existing in the same area, yet operating at completely different times.

As we know many businesses operate within a fixed time frame say 9-5 pm, 6am -3 pm, i.e. coffee and sandwich shops.

Irrespective of the number of hours a business premises is in used daily, rent is payable 24/7/365.

It will come as no surprise that after wages, rent is the number two expense most businesses must pay... so why not turn a challenge and flip it into a leveraged opportunity?

So can we apply the concept to a bar, is it possible?

The answer is of course it is, so long as there’s willingness, flexibility, and great design!

Assuming willingness and flexibility amongst parties how then could design be critical to completing this picture?

Well, let’s think of it like this: smart design allows one to re-imagine, plan and execute around a framework mandated to achieve a desired outcome i.e. dual occupancy space...

To see what we mean check out this simple space plan... from 6 am-3 pm the space is known as “Johnny’s Coffee Emporium”, late afternoon to early morning “El Diablo Tapas and Tequila Bar

Here’s a way it may work.

  1. A two side revolving shingle outside of the space... depending who’s in occupancy.
  2. Two working areas... one open kitchen with coffee and other value add services; the other as a bar
  3. The non-used area is closed and concealed when not in use-possibly using the space to advertise the no-open business as an example.
  4. Stack-able table and chairs to allow for furniture changeover... or possibly utilize existing tables and use different coverings.
  5. Separate incoming telephone lines.
  6. The bar could retain the coffee shop to make tapas to supply the bar, and the kitchen uses the bar to create bespoke batched non-alcoholic drinks.

Dual Occupancy Space Bar | Überbartools™

The potential opportunities are endless with willing parties. Of course like any relationship it needs to be carefully regulated, with plenty of mutually agreed boundaries-yes it’s not going to be a walk in the park, but it’s doable!

With more and more young people unable to find employment or make the jump from employee to entrepreneur… the chance to Space Flip may be an opportunity for 2 people to co-exist in business sharing the risk and expense!
What do you think?