April 08, 2015

Eyeballs & Actions-Looking Good vs Being Good | Überbartools™

The old adage: seeing is believing holds true still today!

Drinking and dining experiences are heavily influenced by what we see 
(eyeballs)... hence if a venue or restaurant looks good... or served food looks great the chances are we’ll give it a go (actions).

On the other hand if a bar or restaurant doesn’t look good, then it takes lots of convincing to get us to act and who’s got the time for that!

The rush to open the very latest in drinking and dining offers creates an avalanche of great looking places. Most have design elements, ambiance and other visual cues acting as the invitation, yet the action moment occurs once the experience has been delivered.

Newbies sometimes forget important steps, where drill down mapped into process and execution is completely overlooked!

We understand that a minimal viable product is an opening gambit to be refined after opening... yet nowadays unforgiving consumers with no time, patience or appetite for anything less than very good, care not... so newly minted business beware... being unprepared to be good on DAY 1, creates one-time customer visits only!

Ambiance and design are terrific however the moment of truth rests on innovative offerings, brilliantly and consistently executed. Focusing more on being good (actions) rather than looking good (eyeballs) wins hands down!

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