BarShido™ - The Way of the Bartender

October 29, 2014

Note: Today’s blog is dedicated to Dushan Zaric from Employees Only NYC.

Barshido™ - The Way of the Bartender | Überbartools™

Japanese inspired Zen/martial thinking has become embedded into top line mixology!

Bushido, the Japanese art of samurai swordsmanship, encapsulates moral values such as mastery, honour and loyalty, paralleling the aspirations of elite bartenders around the world.

A Samurai’s apprenticeship is the journey of study, repetition, consistency and respect, attained after long pursuit; mimicking the path top bartenders journey to attain liquid enlightenment.

On-going fascination with Japanese bartending technique is espoused by friends such as Hidetsugu Ueno whose insight and learning provides Western/non-Japanese bartenders with a differentiated world view; helping to position the pyramid of bartending above main street bartenders and bars now populating every city streetscape.

Jiggering, shaking, stirring within a context of immaculately conceived ice execution, form the cartas in the new bar order!

At Über™, we lovingly refer to this quest for attainment as BarShido™.

Our reverence for Japan and Zen mastery extends 2 generations, when our founder’s father, Howard (a Japanese speaker), established successful, lifelong business and personal relationships at a time when such openness and curiosity of Japan was considered “unthinkable”!

We see Zen balance and harmony reflected in nature, inspiring elite bartenders to craft masterpieces in a continuum of hospitality experiences and excellence!

Über’s tribute to BarShido™ is reflected in our newest innovations due in 2015!

Learn more here!

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