Crowd Fund Your Bar... Don't wait, Just Do It Now!

October 02, 2014

Crowd Fund Your Bar... Don't Wait, Just Do It Now! | Überbartools™

It’s the dream of every bartender to own their own bar!

Taking the bar plunge is NOT easy: fear, uncertainty, inexperience, money, investors; are the largest obstacles to fulfilling the dream, right now!

Wait up! The news is now a whole lot better, in fact the landscape has changed thanks to crowd funding.

If you are now crunching the numbers for your new bar or restaurant… here’s a new way to get over the line... and it’s simple!

The steps:

  • A vision
  • Tell a great story
  • Bucket loads of Passion
  • A location

Now with these ingredients visit the Crowd Funding site Kickstarter to see how people ask for funding... You’ll get a sense what current best practice is and then scale it to your dream.

Who is Lucky Chan | Überbartools™

To make your adventure easier... check out how some passionate restaurateurs and bartenders from Perth, Australia did it with their new venture… Lucky Chan.

Great story, beautifully told in an inspiring, connective way...

Follow their blueprint and you too will be on the Über road to success... bye bye Mr boss man!.

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